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Tips on Crafting a Cover Letter for New Grad Nurses

Friday,October 23 ,202004:30 pm PST

New Grad Nurses: Crafting A Cover Letter

Cover letters are one of the most difficult parts of any application. They need to be personable, professional, and well-written, while supplying the reader with your information about why you are a qualified candidate. Given the vast number of applications Nurse Residency Programs receive, a question that is commonly asked is, "Are they even going to read my cover letter?". The answer is, YES! Which is why you should not put them off until the last minute.By trade, nurses are not writers, which is why new grad nurses tend to struggle with creating a strong cover letter. On top of that, you are coming in with very little experience, if any at all, so what do you talk about? In this webinar, we will deep dive into everything you need in order to create a successful cover letter.


Andrew Craig
Operations Director
As the Operations Director for New Grad Nurse Consultants, I am in charge of overseeing company strategy and growth. On top of that, I manage our team of New Grad Specialists whose sole job is to help new grad nurses successfully obtain their first job as an RN.I come from an ICU and PACU clinical background, including five years of leadership. As a new grad who struggled myself getting their foot in the door, I have made it a point to help new grad nurse get to where they want to be.