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Programs for New Grad Nurses

This is probably the page that drew you here in the first place. We have spent countless hours combing through hospital websites, social media pages, email lists, reaching out to human resource professionals, and more to bring you this database. We have found that instead of providing you with a big long list of programs, the best way to sort through and filter out programs is by state, city and area code. In order to search for programs, you will need to fill out two of the three search criteria. For example, you can search for, “California” and “San Diego” or you can search for “California” and “619”

You will notice that some hospitals list the units that usually accept New Grads, while others simply say, “TBD”. This is because some hospitals are unsure as to what units will be accepting New Grads as it is dependent upon whether or not there is a “need” in the department.

New Grad Nurse Programs by Hospitals

Some hospitals can be linked to hospital information pages while others cannot. This is because some hospitals do not have information pages. They simply post positions on their website and that is it. You will also notice some hospitals state, “LinkedIn”. This is to designate which hospitals post their positions on LinkedIn. There is a section in our Tips for Success page that talks about the importance of setting up a LinkedIn account.

It is important to note that there are several names to identify a new grad nurse such as New Grad, New Grad Nurse, Graduate Nurse, Staff Nurse I, Clinical Nurse I, Residency Nurse, Post-Graduate Nurse, Registered Nurse New Graduate, and New Graduate Nurse. Every state has their own way of designating New Grad Nurses.

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