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New Grad Nurse Consultants
We too were once New Grad Nurses and went through the struggle of acquiring that first job. Like most of you, we too were lost. There was no place that listed all the hospitals with programs. Learning to create our first resume was like piecing together an IKEA furniture set without the instructions. Figuring out how to write a cover letter proved to be more difficult than writing our first care plan, and trying to figure out how to prepare for an interview only added to the grey hairs we had acquired during the process. No one told us how difficult it would be to land that first job. All we were taught was how to write care plans, make beds, administer Pepcid, and assess a perfectly presenting patient in our simulation labs.
We are New Grad Nurse Consultants

What was worse is that we spent countless hours trying to piecemeal all this information together from dozens of websites, only to come up with a fraction of the information. Hours that could have been spent applying to more programs, which would have meant more interview opportunities, and in turn, more offers. There was and still is no one-stop shop a New Grad Nurse can go and get all this information… until now!

Years into our careers, we learned the resource we all craved as New Grad Nurses still did not exist, which is why we came together to create New Grad Nurse Consultants. We want to make sure that as a New Grad Nurse, you have everything you need to succeed. From interview prep to cover letter writing to resume building to our database of New Grad Nurse Residencies, we have created the ultimate resource for you, the New Grad Nurse.

Our hope is that with these resources, you will have all the information you need in order to land that first job. Remember to stay positive, stay passionate, and stay the course! It will happen!

Our Vision

To deliver the most comprehensive resource for New Grad Nurses, enabling you to succeed in landing that first job as a Registered Nurse
New Grad Nurse Consultants Vision